How to call Wallis And Futuna from Chad

Dial the international access code for Chad, which is 00. Dial Wallis And Futuna’s country code, which is 681. Dial the number you are trying to reach in Wallis And Futuna.

Esstential Info for Calling Wallis And Futuna from Chad

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Exit code: 00

Country Code: 681
Area Code: None
Local Time: UTC+12

The exit code for Wallis And Futuna is 00.
The country code for Wallis And Futuna is 681.
There is no area code in Wallis And Futuna.
The local time in Wallis And Futuna is UTC+12.

Area Codes Code by Location

Wallis And Futuna: 681
Chad: 235

Calling Wallis And Futuna from Chad using Landline

To make a call from Chad to Wallis And Futuna, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

Country Code: +681

Area Code: not required

Local Number: not required

Calling Wallis And Futuna from Chad using Mobile

When travelling to Wallis And Futuna from Chad, it is important to have up-to-date information about the cost of making calls. The best way to do this is to consult a reputable online source which will have the latest information on international calling rates.

It is also important to check with your mobile service provider to find out what their rates are for making calls to Wallis And Futuna. Many providers offer discounted rates for calls made to certain countries, so it is worth checking to see if your provider offers a discount for calls to Wallis And Futuna.

If you are travelling to Wallis And Futuna for an extended period of time, it may be worth considering purchasing a prepaid SIM card from a local provider. This will give you access to local rates for making calls and sending text messages.


Wallis And Futuna can be called from Chad by first dialling the international access code ’00’, then the country code ‘681’, followed by the telephone number.


What is the history of Wallis and Futuna?

The islands of Wallis and Futuna were first inhabited by Polynesians who arrived in the 12th century. The islands were colonized by the French in the 18th century and became a French protectorate in 1842. The islands are now a French overseas territory.

How do the two locations differ?

The two locations differ in that one is an urban area and the other is a rural area.

What is the climate like in Wallis and Futuna?

The climate in Wallis and Futuna is tropical. The temperature is usually around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity is high, and it rains often.

What are the major industries in Wallis and Futuna?

The main industries in Wallis and Futuna are fishing and tourism.

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