How to call Taiwan from Brazil

To call Taiwan from Brazil, you need to dial the exit code for Brazil (00), followed by the country code for Taiwan (886), and finally the telephone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Taiwan from Brazil

Exit Code
Taiwan’s exit code is 00.

Country Code
The country code for Taiwan is +886.

Area Code
The area code for Taiwan is 886.

Local Time
Taiwan’s local time is GMT+8.

Area Codes Code by Location







Calling Taiwan from Brazil using Landline

This is an outline for making a call from Brazil to Taiwan using a landline:

1.Verify that both phones have the same area code.
2.Dial the international access code: 011
3.Dial Taiwan’s country code: 886
4.Dial the Taiwan phone number, including the area code.
5.Hang up by pressing the “end” button on your phone.

Calling Taiwan from Brazil using Mobile

1. Check the roaming rates of your mobile carrier before you leave.
2. Purchase a local SIM card and plan as soon as you arrive.
3. Turn off data roaming on your phone and only use Wi-Fi when available.
4. Make sure to have a plan that covers calls and texts back to your home country.
5. Download an app like Skype or Viber that will allow you to make calls and send texts for free.
6. If you need to make a call while you’re in Taiwan, try to find a Wi-Fi hotspot and use Skype or Viber.
7. If you can’t find a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can make a call from a local phone store by purchasing a prepaid card.
8. Make sure to keep track of your minutes and data usage while you’re in Taiwan, or you could end up with a large phone bill when you get home.


The article explains how to call Taiwan from Brazil using the country’s international telephone code. First, the caller needs to dial Brazil’s country code of 55. Next, they need to dial Taiwan’s country code of 886. Finally, they need to dial the telephone number.


What are some key similarities and differences between Taiwan and Brazil?

Some key similarities between Taiwan and Brazil are that they are both large countries, they are both democracies, and they both have a large population. Some key differences between Taiwan and Brazil are that Taiwan is more developed than Brazil, Taiwan has a stronger economy than Brazil, and Taiwan has a better Human Development Index than Brazil.

What are some foods that are popular in Taiwan, and how do they compare to Brazilian cuisine?

Some foods that are popular in Taiwan are oysters, beef noodles, and stinky tofu. Taiwanese cuisine is generally salty and savory, with a strong focus on meat and seafood. In comparison, Brazilian cuisine is more heavily influenced by European and African cuisine, and is characterized by its use of staple ingredients like rice, beans, and beef.

What are some common modes of transportation in Taiwan, and how do they compare to Brazil?

Some common modes of transportation in Taiwan are buses, trains, cars, and motorcycles. They all compare similarly to modes of transportation in Brazil.

What are some of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan, and what is there to see and do?

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan are Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. There is a lot to see and do in these cities, including visiting temples, hiking mountains, and exploring night markets.

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