How to call Singapore from Azerbaijan

To call Singapore from Azerbaijan, you need to dial the exit code for Azerbaijan (00), the country code for Singapore (65), and the local phone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Singapore from Azerbaijan


Exit Code:

The exit code is the code you need to dial to exit your country and reach the country you are trying to call. For Singapore, this is 00. For Azerbaijan, the exit code is 00.

Country Code:

The country code is the two-letter code that identifies a country. For Singapore, the country code is SG. For Azerbaijan, the country code is AZ.

Area Code:

The area code is the three-digit code that identifies a specific geographic area within a country. For Singapore, the area code is 6. For Azerbaijan, the area code is 994.

Local Time:

The local time is the time zone in the country you are calling. For Singapore, the time zone is UTC+8. For Azerbaijan, the time zone is UTC+4.

Area Codes Code by Location


Calling Singapore from Azerbaijan using Landline

To call Singapore from Azerbaijan, you will need to use the 00 country code for Singapore, followed by the phone number. You will also need to dial the international access code for Azerbaijan, which is 00.

Calling Singapore from Azerbaijan using Mobile

There are a few things you should be aware of before making a call from Azerbaijan to Singapore. Calls between the two countries are expensive, and you will likely be charged for both the outgoing and incoming calls. You should also be aware that the quality of the call may not be as good as a call made from within Azerbaijan. There are a few ways to make a call from Azerbaijan to Singapore. You can use a calling card, which will allow you to make calls at a pre-determined rate. You can also use a VoIP service, which will allow you to make calls over the internet for a lower price than a calling card.


The process of calling Singapore from Azerbaijan is not difficult, but there are a few things that need to be taken into account. To make a call, the caller needs the international dialling code for Singapore (65) and the country code for Azerbaijan (994). The call is then placed as a regular call, with the usual charges applying.


How did Singapore become an independent country?

Singapore became an independent country on 9 August 1965, when it left the Malaysian Federation.

What is the relationship between Singapore and Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan and Singapore have a friendly relationship.

What are some similarities and differences between the two countries?

The United States and Canada are both North American countries, and share a border. They are similar in that they are both democracies, and have a capitalist economy. They are different in that the United States is a much larger country, with a population of over 300 million, compared to Canada’s population of 36 million. The United States also has a more diverse population, with a greater percentage of racial and ethnic minorities. The United States also has a more diverse landscape, with mountains and forests in the west, and a large and fertile agricultural region in the Midwest. Canada has a more homogeneous population, and is more rural, with more forests and lakes than the United States.

What can Azerbaijan learn from Singapore?

Some of the key things that Azerbaijan can learn from Singapore include the following:

1. Focusing on economic development and diversification.

2. Maintaining a business-friendly environment.

3. Investing in education and training.

4. Pursuing a pro-business and pro-investment policy.

5. Promoting transparency and good governance.

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