How to call Seychelles from Switzerland

The first step is to dial the international access code for Switzerland, which is 00. Next, dial Seychelles’ country code, which is 248. Finally, dial the phone number you are trying to reach in Seychelles.

Esstential Info for Calling Seychelles from Switzerland


Exit Code: The exit code is the code used to dial out of a country. For Switzerland, this is “00”. For Seychelles, the exit code is “00”.

Country Code: The country code for Switzerland is “41”. The country code for Seychelles is “248”.

Area Code: The area code for Switzerland is “011”. The area code for Seychelles is “00”.

Local Time: The local time for Switzerland is “CET”. The local time for Seychelles is “SCT”.

Area Codes Code by Location

Seychelles: 248
Switzerland: 41

Calling Seychelles from Switzerland using Landline

To call the Seychelles from Switzerland, you will need to dial the international access code of 00, followed by the country code of Seychelles of +248. Next, dial the area code and the local number.

Calling Seychelles from Switzerland using Mobile

There is no need to purchase a local SIM card, as your Swiss SIM card will work in Seychelles. However, please be aware that roaming rates may be high, so it is best to purchase a data plan or disable roaming data on your phone. To call a Seychellois number from within Seychelles, dial the country code (248) followed by the number. To call a Swiss number from Seychelles, dial 0041 followed by the number.


The best way to call Seychelles from Switzerland is to use a VoIP service. Skype and Google Hangouts are two popular VoIP services that offer low rates for calling Seychelles. You can also call Seychelles from your cell phone by using the international roaming feature. Be sure to check with your cell phone provider to see what rates apply.


What is the climate and weather like in Seychelles?

The climate of the Seychelles is tropical and humid. The weather is hot and humid year-round, with average temperatures ranging from 81 degrees Fahrenheit in January to 88 degrees Fahrenheit in May. The islands are occasionally affected by cyclones.

The climate in Seychelles is tropical, with a hot, humid season from November to May and a cooler, drier season from June to OctoberThe weather is typically sunny, with a moderate amount of rainfall.

What is the currency in Seychelles?

The currency in Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee.

What is the time zone in Seychelles?

The time zone in Seychelles is UTC+04:00.

What are the visa requirements for Seychelles?

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