How to call Seychelles from Cyprus

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, east of Tanzania. The islands are home to around 90,000 people. The country has a president and a prime minister. The official languages are English and French. Seychelles is a member of the African Union.

To call Seychelles from Cyprus, you need to dial the international access code for Cyprus, then the country code for Seychelles, then the phone number. The international access code for Cyprus is 00. The country code for Seychelles is 248. The phone number should be entered in the format +248 xxx xxxx.

Esstential Info for Calling Seychelles from Cyprus

How to call Seychelles from Cyprus

Exit Code: Seychelles shares the same exit code as France.

Country Code: The country code for Seychelles is 248.

Area Code: The area code for all of Seychelles is Seychelles.

Local Time: Seychelles is in the same time zone as Cyprus.

Area Codes Code by Location

Seychelles: 248
Cyprus: 357

Calling Seychelles from Cyprus using Landline

The country code for Cyprus is +357. When calling from Cyprus to the Seychelles, dial the international access code (011), the country code for the Seychelles (248), and the local number.

Calling Seychelles from Cyprus using Mobile

– Check roaming charges with your mobile service provider
– Make sure your phone is unlocked
– Purchase a local SIM card
– Insert the local SIM card into your phone
– Turn off Data roaming on your phone
– Adjust your phone settings to enable local calls
– Make calls as you would in your home country


Seychelles country code is 248. To make a call from Cyprus, dial 00 followed by 248 then the phone number. There is no need to dial the area code.


What is the climate like in Seychelles?

The climate in Seychelles is tropical.

What is the currency in Seychelles?

The currency in Seychelles is the Seychellois rupee.

What is the population of Seychelles?

The population of Seychelles is about 93,000.

What is the official language in Seychelles?

The official language in Seychelles is English.

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