How to call Serbia from Mauritius

To make a call from Mauritius to Serbia, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 00, 381, area code, local number. 00 is the international access code, 381 is the country code for Serbia, and the area code and local number vary depending on the location you are calling.

Esstential Info for Calling Serbia from Mauritius

Exit Code: +381

Country Code: Serbia

Area Code:

Local Time:

Exit Code: +230

Country Code: Mauritius

Area Code:

Local Time:

Area Codes Code by Location

Serbia: 381
Mauritius: 230


Calling Serbia from Mauritius using Landline

Calling from Mauritius to Serbia is possible with a landline phone. Dial the international access code (011 in the United States), followed by the country code for Serbia (38), and the phone number. Calls are typically charged by the minute. There may be a fee to connect to the international network. Check with your service provider for more information.

Calling Serbia from Mauritius using Mobile

Roaming charges can be expensive, so it’s important to be aware of what your plan offers and what the rates are for calling and using data while roaming.

Before you leave, be sure to call your carrier and ask about their international roaming rates. Many carriers offer travel packages that can save you money on calls, texts, and data.

If you’re not a customer of that carrier, you can purchase a prepaid international SIM card that will work in Serbia. Just be sure to research the rates and coverage in that area before you buy.

Once you’re in Serbia, you can use your phone to call or text anyone in your contacts list, or you can use the internet to access your email, social media, or other websites.

Just be aware that data roaming can be expensive, so you may want to disable cellular data on your phone or use a Wi-Fi connection whenever possible.


Serbia and Mauritius are two very different countries located on two different continents. However, there are some similarities between the two countries, including the languages spoken. Serbian is the official language of Serbia, while Mauritian Creole is the official language of Mauritius. Both countries are also members of the United Nations.

The two countries are also connected by their history. Mauritius was colonized by the French, while Serbia was colonized by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After gaining their independence, both countries have worked to develop their economies and become regional players in their respective regions.

Serbia and Mauritius have a limited relationship, but there are some opportunities for cooperation between the two countries. The two countries could work together to promote their languages and cultures, and they could also cooperate in the areas of trade and investment.


What is Serbia like?

Serbia is a country located in southeastern Europe. It is bordered by Hungary to the north, Romania to the east, Bulgaria to the south, and Montenegro and Kosovo to the west. Serbia has a population of approximately 7 million people. The official language of Serbia is Serbian, which is a Slavic language. The predominant religion in Serbia is Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The currency of Serbia is the Serbian dinar. The GDP of Serbia is $113.1 billion.

What is Mauritius like?

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is about 2,000 kilometers east of the African continent and about 900 kilometers south of the island of Madagascar. The country is about 220 kilometers long and 60 kilometers wide.

How do the two countries compare?

The United States and Canada are similar in many ways. Both are large countries with a lot of natural resources. They are also both democracies. However, there are some important differences between the two countries.

The United States is a much more populous country than Canada. The United States also has a more diverse population, with people from many different cultures and religions. Canada is more ethnically and linguistically homogeneous than the United States.

The United States is a much more capitalist country than Canada. The United States has a free market economy, while Canada has a more regulated economy. The United States also has a more laissez faire attitude towards business, while Canada is more likely to interfere in the market.

The United States has a more militarized society than Canada. The United States has a large military, and spends more on defense than any other country in the world. Canada has a much smaller military, and spends a much lower percentage of its GDP on defense than the United States.

What are the benefits of living in Serbia compared to Mauritius?

There are many benefits of living in Serbia compared to Mauritius. Some of the benefits include:

– Serbia has a lower cost of living than Mauritius.
– Serbia has a more temperate climate than Mauritius.
– Serbia has a more developed infrastructure than Mauritius.
– Serbia has a more stable political environment than Mauritius.
– Serbia has a stronger economy than Mauritius.

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