How to call Netherlands from Indonesia

Calling Netherlands from Indonesia is easy, as long as you have a calling plan that includes international calling. Dial 00, then the Netherlands country code of 31, then the phone number. You can also use a calling card or an online service like Skype.

Esstential Info for Calling Netherlands from Indonesia


How to Call Netherlands from Indonesia

To call the Netherlands from Indonesia, you will need to use the country code of 31 and the area code of the city you are calling. The local time in the Netherlands is GMT +1.

Area Codes Code by Location

Netherlands: 31
Indonesia: 62

Calling Netherlands from Indonesia using Landline

-If you are calling from within the Netherlands, dial the area code followed by the phone number.
-If you are calling from Indonesia, dial 00 31 followed by the area code and phone number.
-The area code for the Netherlands is 31.

Calling Netherlands from Indonesia using Mobile

If you are calling the Netherlands from Indonesia, please be sure to read all the data available online. This will include information on the best time of day to make the call, as well as the most cost-effective way to do so. Remember, too, that calling cards may offer cheaper rates than using your mobile phone.


The Netherlands and Indonesia enjoy close bilateral ties, with a large Indonesian diaspora living in the Netherlands. The two countries have a number of agreements in place, including a bilateral investment treaty and a mutual visa waiver.

There are a few ways to call the Netherlands from Indonesia. The most economical way is to use a calling card or an internet-based VoIP service. To make a call from a landline, dial 00 31 (the country code for the Netherlands) followed by the area code and the telephone number. To call from a mobile phone, dial +31 followed by the area code and the telephone number.


How did the Netherlands come to be part of Indonesia?

The Netherlands became part of Indonesia in 1949 as the result of a UN-sponsored referendum.

The Netherlands came to be part of Indonesia as a result of the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) conquering the Spice Islands in The VOC was the first Dutch company to be granted a monopoly on trade in the East Indies, and it quickly established a large presence in the regionIn the early 1800s, the Dutch government began to take a more active role in the East Indies, and by the 1870s, the Netherlands had effectively colonized the region.

What was life like for Dutch colonists in Indonesia?

Life for Dutch colonists in Indonesia was typically quite goodThe Dutch enjoyed a high standard of living, and they were able to exploit the region’s natural resources for their own benefitHowever, the Dutch also exercised tight control over the local population, which led to resentment among the Indonesians.

How did Indonesia gain its independence from the Netherlands?

Indonesia gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1949, following a lengthy and bloody struggleThe Indonesian nationalists, led by Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, waged a successful campaign against the Dutch, and in 1949, the Dutch finally conceded defeat.

What is the relationship between the Netherlands and Indonesia today?

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