How to call Moldova from Tonga

Moldova is a small country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. Tonga is a small country in the South Pacific, located about 2,000 miles northeast of Australia.

If you want to call Moldova from Tonga, you’ll need to use an international calling service. This will allow you to dial the country code for Moldova (373), followed by the phone number. Be sure to include the area code when dialing.

Esstential Info for Calling Moldova from Tonga


Exit Code

The exit code indicates the code of the country from which the caller is dialing. For Tonga, the exit code is 00. For Moldova, the exit code is 00.

Country Code

The country code indicates the country to which the call is being placed. For Tonga, the country code is 676. For Moldova, the country code is 373.

Area Code

The area code indicates the specific area within the country to which the call is being placed. For Tonga, there are no area codes. For Moldova, the area code is a two-digit number.

Local Time

The local time indicates the time zone in which the call is being placed. For Tonga, there is no specific time zone. For Moldova, the time zone is UTC+02:00.

Area Codes Code by Location



Calling Moldova from Tonga using Landline

1. Check the time difference before you call.
Moldova is seven hours ahead of Tonga, so be sure to call during Moldova’s daytime hours.

2. Determine the cost of the call.
Moldova’s landline rates are relatively inexpensive, but may be more expensive than calling Tonga from within the United States.
Make sure you have the appropriate calling plan and enough credit to make the call.

3. Dial the international access code.
In the United States, this is 011.

4. Dial Moldova’s country code.
Moldova’s country code is 373.

5. Dial the number you wish to call.
Be sure to include the area code.

6. Hang up when you’re finished.

Calling Moldova from Tonga using Mobile

When travelling, always be aware of the rates and fees your cell phone company charges for using your phone in other countries. Many companies offer flat-rate calling plans for certain countries, which can save you money. If your company doesn’t offer a flat-rate plan or you’re not sure what your rates will be, ask your carrier before you leave for your destination.

To make a call from your cell phone while in a foreign country, dial the country code (for Moldova, it’s 373), followed by the area code and the phone number. If you’re calling a toll-free number, dial the country code, 800 (for the United States, it’s 800), and the toll-free number.

If you’re travelling in a group, you may want to consider purchasing a global cell phone. These phones allow you to make calls in most countries for a flat rate.


Moldova and Tonga are two very different countries, located on different continents and with different languages and cultures. However, there is one way in which they are similar – both countries are relatively small, and not many people know how to call them.

For those looking to call Moldova from Tonga, the process is relatively simple. First, you will need to dial the international access code for Tonga, which is +676. Next, you will need to dial the country code for Moldova, which is +373. Finally, you will need to dial the phone number for the person you are trying to reach in Moldova.

Moldova is a small country in eastern Europe, and Tonga is a small country in the South Pacific. They are both relatively unknown to most people, and calling between the two can be difficult. However, with a little bit of research, anyone can make the call.



What is the climate like in Moldova and Tonga?

What is the history of Moldova and Tonga?

The history of Moldova and Tonga is intertwined, as both countries share a common ancestry. Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, while Tonga is an archipelago in the South Pacific. Moldova and Tonga share a common ancestor in the Polynesian people, who migrated to both regions in ancient times.

What are the languages spoken in Moldova and Tonga?

In Moldova, the official language is Romanian. However, Russian is also widely spoken. In Tonga, the official language is Tongan. However, English is also widely spoken.

What are the major industries in Moldova and Tonga?

The major industries in Moldova are agriculture and food production, textiles and clothing, and metalworking. The major industries in Tonga are agriculture and fishing.

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