How to call Mauritius from Slovenia

The first step is to dial the international access code for Slovenia, which is 00. Next, dial Mauritius’ country code, which is 230. Finally, dial the phone number you are trying to reach in Mauritius. For example, if you wanted to call the Mauritius Embassy in London, you would dial 00230-20-7404000.

Esstential Info for Calling Mauritius from Slovenia

Exit Code

The exit code is the code used to dial out of a country. For example, the exit code for the US is 011. To call Slovenia from the US, you would dial 011-386-1.

Country Code

The country code for Slovenia is 386. To call Mauritius from Slovenia, you would dial 00-230.

Area Code

The area code for Mauritius is 230. There is no area code for Slovenia.

Local Time

Mauritius is three hours ahead of Slovenia.

Area Codes Code by Location

Mauritius: 230
Slovenia: 386

Calling Mauritius from Slovenia using Landline

To call Mauritius from Slovenia, the following dialing procedure must be followed.

1. Dial the international access code for Slovenia, which is 00.

2. Dial the country code for Mauritius, which is 230.

3. Dial the telephone number, including the area code, for the destination you are calling.

4. Press the call button to place the call.

Calling Mauritius from Slovenia using Mobile

When calling Mauritius from Slovenia, you will need to use the country code of +230 followed by the phone number. Be sure to include the area code as well, when dialing from within Mauritius. If you are calling a mobile phone in Mauritius, you will need to include the prefix of 0 before the phone number.


To call Mauritius from Slovenia, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 00, followed by 224, followed by the Mauritian telephone number. The entire call will cost you €2.16 to make. Mauritius is a beautiful country located in the Indian Ocean, and is home to diverse and stunning landscapes. If you are looking to visit Mauritius, or just want to chat with friends or family members who live there, make sure to give this call sequence a try!


What are the similarities and differences between Mauritius and Slovenia?

The two countries share a few similarities, including a population that is majority ethnic European, a history of being colonized by European countries, and a focus on tourism as an important part of the economy. However, Mauritius is much poorer than Slovenia, with a GDP per capita that is less than a tenth of Slovenia’s. Mauritius also has a much more diverse population, with a large percentage of people who are not of European descent.

How did Mauritius and Slovenia come to be?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many different theories about how Mauritius and Slovenia came to be. Some historians believe that Mauritius was formed when a large meteor crashed into the Indian Ocean, while others believe that it was created by volcanic activity. Some believe that Slovenia was formed when the ancient kingdom of Illyria split in two, while others believe that it was created when the region was conquered by the Roman Empire.

What are the major industries in Mauritius and Slovenia?

The major industries in Mauritius are tourism, textiles, and sugar. The major industries in Slovenia are pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, and metals.

What are some of the key attractions in Mauritius and Slovenia?

Some of the key attractions in Mauritius include the Black River Gorges National Park, the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, and the Ile aux Cerfs. Some of the key attractions in Slovenia include the capital city of Ljubljana, the Predjama Castle, and the Lake Bled.

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