How to call Liechtenstein from Macau

The process for calling Liechtenstein from Macau is relatively simple. First, dial 00, the international access code. Next, dial 41, the country code for Liechtenstein. Finally, dial the phone number, including the area code.

Esstential Info for Calling Liechtenstein from Macau

Exit code: The exit code is the code used to dial out of a country. For example, the exit code for the United States is 011.

Country code: The country code is the code used to dial into a country. For example, the country code for the United States is 1.

Area code: An area code is a telephone numbering plan that identifies a geographic area. For example, the area code for San Francisco is 415.

Local time: The local time is the time in the country you are dialing. For example, the local time in the United States is Pacific Standard Time.

Area Codes Code by Location


Calling Liechtenstein from Macau using Landline

There is no international direct dialing to Liechtenstein from Macau. You will need to use an operator to dial the international call. To make the call, dial the operator access code (00), the country code (423), the area code (x), and the local number.

Calling Liechtenstein from Macau using Mobile

There are a few ways to call internationally from Macau. The most economical way is to use a calling card. These cards can be purchased at most convenience stores and allow you to call internationally for a fraction of the cost of a traditional long-distance call. To use a calling card, you simply dial a toll-free number and enter the code on the card.

Another way to call internationally from Macau is to use a mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone that uses the GSM network, you can purchase a SIM card from a local carrier and use your phone to make calls at local rates. If you are not familiar with the local dialing format, your mobile phone service provider can provide you with the necessary information.

Finally, if you have a smartphone, you can use it to make international calls. Many smartphones allow you to make calls over the Internet using a VoIP app. This can be a cheaper option than using your mobile phone’s minutes.


The best way to call Liechtenstein from Macau is to use an international calling card. First, dial the access number for the calling card. Next, dial the country code for Liechtenstein (423) and the phone number.


What is the legal system in Liechtenstein?

The legal system in Liechtenstein is based on the civil law system.

What are the main industries in Liechtenstein?

The main industries in Liechtenstein are steel production, banking, and tourism.

What is the population of Liechtenstein?

The population of Liechtenstein is about 35,000.

What is the currency of Liechtenstein?

The currency of Liechtenstein is the Swiss Franc.

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