How to call Lesotho from Taiwan

The process for calling Lesotho from Taiwan is relatively simple. First, dial the exit code for Taiwan, which is 00. Next, dial the country code for Lesotho, which is 266. Finally, dial the phone number you are trying to reach in Lesotho.

Esstential Info for Calling Lesotho from Taiwan

How to call Lesotho from Taiwan

To call Lesotho from Taiwan, you need to dial:

00266 followed by the local number.

For example, to call the Lesotho Embassy in Taiwan, you would dial:


Area Codes Code by Location

Taiwan: 02, 03, 06, 07, 09

Lesotho: 00266

Calling Lesotho from Taiwan using Landline

When making a call to Lesotho from Taiwan, the caller should first consult the online international dialing code calculator to determine the correct dialing sequence. The international dialing code for Lesotho is 266. The caller then needs to dial 011, the international access code for Taiwan, followed by the country code for Lesotho, 266. Finally, the caller needs to dial the local number.

Calling Lesotho from Taiwan using Mobile

When making a phone call to Lesotho from Taiwan, the following steps should be followed:

1. Check that you have an active mobile phone service and international roaming enabled.

2. Dial the country code for Lesotho (266) followed by the phone number.

3. Wait for the other party to answer.

4. Enjoy your conversation!


Basotho, the people of Lesotho, are a proud and independent nation. Although they are small in stature and population, they have a rich and vibrant culture. The Basotho people are welcoming and hospitable, and they are proud of their country and heritage.

The Kingdom of Lesotho is located in southern Africa, and it is completely surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. Lesotho is a landlocked country, and the only way to get in or out is by crossing through South Africa.

The official language of Lesotho is Sesotho, and it is the first language of the majority of the population. However, English is also an official language, and it is the language of instruction in schools.

The currency of Lesotho is the Loti (LSL), and the current exchange rate is 1 LSL = 0.14 USD.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are planning on visiting Lesotho. First, the country is located at a high altitude, so it can be quite cold, especially at night. Second, Lesotho is a landlocked country, so you will need to have a visa to enter. Third, the official currency is the Loti, so be sure to have some LSL on hand when you arrive.

If you are looking to call Lesotho from Taiwan, the country code is 266. The prefix for landlines is 02, and the prefix for mobile phones is 07.


What is the climate like in Lesotho?

The climate in Lesotho is temperate.

What is the GDP of Lesotho?

The GDP of Lesotho is $2.3 billion.

What is the population of Lesotho?


What are the major exports of Lesotho?

The major exports of Lesotho are:

1. Clothing
2. Electricity
3. Diamonds
4. Wool
5. Water

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