How to call Lesotho from Slovakia

The first step is to dial the international access code for Slovakia, which is 00. Next, dial the country code for Lesotho, which is 266. Finally, dial the phone number you are trying to reach in Lesotho.

Esstential Info for Calling Lesotho from Slovakia

Exit Code

Country Code

Area Code

Local Time

For Slovakia, the exit code is 00, the country code is 421, the area code is 0212 and the local time is UTC+02:00.

For Lesotho, the exit code is 00, the country code is 266, the area code is 2220 and the local time is UTC+02:00.

Area Codes Code by Location

Lesotho: 266
Slovakia: 421, 42100, 42190, 42200, 42301, 42330, 42401, 42410, 42490, 42501, 42510, 42590, 42601, 42610, 42690, 42701, 42710, 42790

Calling Lesotho from Slovakia using Landline

There are a few things to consider when calling Lesotho from Slovakia. The first is that the country code for Lesotho is 266. The area code for the country is also 266. When dialing, make sure to include the area code as well. There is also a time difference to consider. Lesotho is six hours ahead of Slovakia. Lastly, it is important to make sure that you have an international calling plan with your cell phone provider in order to make calls to Lesotho.

Calling Lesotho from Slovakia using Mobile

There is no need to purchase an international SIM card for Lesotho; your regular SIM card will work just fine. However, you will need to ensure that your phone is unlocked and that you have international roaming enabled. To call Lesotho from Slovakia, simply dial the country code (266) followed by the phone number. Keep in mind that since Lesotho is a developing country, the quality of service may not be as good as you are used to. You may also experience higher rates than what you are used to.


To call Lesotho from Slovakia, you need to dial 00 followed by 266 and the phone number. Lesotho is a landlocked country in southern Africa. It has a population of about 2 million people and is a constitutional monarchy.


What is the climate like in Lesotho?

The climate in Lesotho is temperate.

The climate in Lesotho is temperate and semi-aridThe average temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius and the average rainfall is about 460 millimeters.
What is the population of Lesotho?

The population of Lesotho is about 2 million people.
What is the GDP of Lesotho?

The GDP of Lesotho is about $5.5 billion.
What is the language spoken in Lesotho?

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