How to call Lesotho from New Zealand

To call Lesotho from New Zealand, you need to dial 00 followed by 266 then the phone number. For example, to call a Lesotho landline number 012345678, you would dial 0026612345678. To call a Lesotho mobile number 076543210, you would dial 002667543210.

Esstential Info for Calling Lesotho from New Zealand


Exit code: The exit code is the code you need to dial to exit your country and reach the country you are calling. For New Zealand, the exit code is 00.

Country code: The country code is the code of the country you are calling. For Lesotho, the country code is 266.

Area code: The area code is the code of the area you are calling in the country. For Lesotho, the area code is 1.

Local time: The local time is the time zone you are in the country. For New Zealand, the local time is UTC+12:00. For Lesotho, the local time is UTC+02:00.

Area Codes Code by Location

New Zealand

Calling Lesotho from New Zealand using Landline

1.Determine the country you are calling. This can be done by looking up the country code on the internet. In this example, the country code for Lesotho is 266.
2.Determine the area code you are calling. Area codes can be found online as well. In this example, the area code for Maseru is 223.
3.Check the website of the company you are calling to ensure that they have an international plan. Some companies will charge you a high rate for calling Lesotho.
4.Dial the country code, area code, and the number you are trying to reach.
5.If you are being transferred to another number, wait for the beep and then dial the number you are being transferred to.
6.Hang up by pressing the red button on your phone.

Calling Lesotho from New Zealand using Mobile

1. Check with your service provider to see what rates they offer for international calls.
2. Compare these rates to the rates offered by other providers.
3. Decide which provider offers the best deal for you.
4. Download their app or sign up on their website.
5. Enter the phone number you wish to call and your credit card information.
6. Hit call!


To call Lesotho from New Zealand, you need to dial 00 followed by 266 (the country code for Lesotho) and the phone number. Lesotho is a small country located in southern Africa. It has a population of around 2 million people and is landlocked, surrounded by South Africa. The official language is Sesotho, but English is also widely spoken. Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy and the king is the head of state. The economy is based on agriculture, livestock, and mining.


What is the climate like in Lesotho?

The climate in Lesotho is temperate and varies with altitude. The lower areas have hot summers and cool to cold winters. The higher areas have cool summers and cold winters.

In Lesotho, the climate is temperate and mostly dryThe average temperature is around 18 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall is around 450 millimeters per year
What is the landscape like in Lesotho?

The landscape of Lesotho is mostly mountainousThe highest peak in the country is Thabana Ntlenyana, which reaches a height of 3,482 meters
What is the population of Lesotho?

The population of Lesotho is around 2.1 million people
What is the currency of Lesotho?

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