How to call Lebanon from Singapore

To call Lebanon from Singapore, you first need to dial the exit code for Singapore, which is 00. Next, dial the country code for Lebanon, which is 961. Finally, dial the phone number in Lebanon, including the area code.

Esstential Info for Calling Lebanon from Singapore

Exit code:
The exit code is the number you dial to get out of the country. For Singapore, the exit code is 00. For Lebanon, the exit code is 00.

Country code:
The country code is the two-letter code that represents the country. For Singapore, the country code is SG. For Lebanon, the country code is LB.

Area code:
The area code is the three-digit code that represents the area within the country. For Singapore, the area code is 6. For Lebanon, the area code is 961.

Local time:
The local time is the time in the country. For Singapore, the local time is UTC+8. For Lebanon, the local time is UTC+2.

Area Codes Code by Location

Lebanon: 961
Singapore: 65

Calling Lebanon from Singapore using Landline

To call Lebanon from Singapore, you need to dial 00961 followed by the telephone number. The country code for Lebanon is 961. When dialing from Singapore, you need to include the country code for Lebanon even if you are calling a landline in Beirut. If you are calling a mobile phone in Lebanon, you do not need to include the country code.

Calling Lebanon from Singapore using Mobile

There are a few things to consider when making calls from Lebanon to Singapore. First, check the time difference between the two countries to make sure you are calling at a time that is convenient. Lebanon is six hours ahead of Singapore, so calls made during the evening in Lebanon will be during the daytime in Singapore.

Second, make sure you have an international calling plan with your mobile carrier. Calls to Singapore can be expensive without a plan, and your carrier may have different rates for calls to different countries.

Finally, make sure you have the correct country code for Lebanon (961) and Singapore (65). When dialing, you will need to dial the country code, followed by the phone number. For example, to call a number in Singapore, you would dial 0065 followed by the phone number.


Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Syria to the north and east, Israel to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. Lebanon has a population of approximately 6 million people and a GDP of $52.5 billion.

There are several ways to call Lebanon from Singapore. The most economical way is to use a calling card. Calling cards can be purchased at most convenience stores and gas stations. The cards have a PIN that is used to make the call. The second way to call Lebanon is to use Skype. Skype is a free app that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or computer. The app allows users to make calls to other Skype users for free, or to phones and other devices for a fee. The third way to call Lebanon is to use a telecommunications company such as Singtel, StarHub, or M1. These companies offer a variety of calling plans that can be customized to meet the needs of the caller.


What is the history of Lebanon and Singapore?

The Lebanon and Singapore histories are quite different. The Lebanese people are descendants of Phoenicians, while the Singaporeans are of Malay, Indian, and Chinese descent. The Singaporean history is more recent, beginning with the British colonization of the area in 1819. Lebanon has a longer history, with the first mention of the country in the Sumerian clay tablets from the third millennium BC.

Lebanon has a long and complex history, dating back thousands of yearsSingapore, meanwhile, is a relatively young country, formed in 1965 as a result of British colonialismHowever, both locations are home to a rich culture and diverse population.

What are the major religions practiced in Lebanon and Singapore?

Lebanon is a Muslim-majority country, with a significant Christian populationSingapore is a secular country, but the majority of the population is BuddhistThere are also significant Hindu, Christian, and Muslim populations in Singapore.

What are the languages spoken in Lebanon and Singapore?

Arabic is the official language of Lebanon, while English is the official language of SingaporeHowever, there are many other languages spoken in both countries, including French, Tamil, Malay, and Hokkien.

What are the major industries in Lebanon and Singapore?

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