How to call Kuwait from Mauritius

Kuwait is a country located in Western Asia. The country shares borders with Iraq to the north and Saudi Arabia to the south. The country is divided into six governorates. The capital and largest city of Kuwait is Kuwait City. Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government. The country has a mixed economy with a large oil sector. The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. The primary religion of Kuwait is Islam.

Mauritius is a country located in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar. The country is located in the Mascarene Islands. The country is made up of several islands, including the main island of Mauritius. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis. Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy with a mixed economy. The official language of Mauritius is English. The primary religion of Mauritius is Hinduism.

To call Kuwait from Mauritius, you will need to dial 00 followed by 965, the country code for Kuwait. You will then need to dial the local number.

Esstential Info for Calling Kuwait from Mauritius


Exit Code: The exit code is the number you dial to exit your country and reach the country you are calling. For Mauritius, the exit code is 00. For Kuwait, the exit code is 965.

Country Code: The country code is the two letter code for the country you are calling. For Mauritius, the country code is MU. For Kuwait, the country code is KW.

Area Code: The area code is the three digit code that corresponds to the specific area you are calling in the country. For Mauritius, the area code is 230. For Kuwait, the area code is 224.

Local Time: The local time is the time in the country you are calling. For Mauritius, the local time is GMT +4. For Kuwait, the local time is GMT +3.

Area Codes Code by Location

Kuwait: 965
Mauritius: 230

Calling Kuwait from Mauritius using Landline

Kuwait from Mauritius

To call Kuwait from Mauritius, you need to dial 00965 followed by the phone number. There is no area code required in Kuwait.

When making a call from Mauritius to Kuwait, you should note that the time difference is four hours ahead. Kuwait is in the GMT+3 time zone, while Mauritius is in the GMT+4 time zone.

Calling Kuwait from Mauritius using Mobile

There are a few things to keep in mind when making calls while roaming in Kuwait. First, be sure to check with your mobile carrier to see what rates they charge for calls while roaming. Kuwait uses the GSM network, so you may be able to use your phone if it is unlocked. If you are not sure whether your phone will work in Kuwait, ask your carrier before you leave. Keep in mind that Kuwait uses the metric system, so you may need to convert your measurements to kilometers if you want to use your GPS. Finally, be sure to have a copy of your passport and visa with you, as you may be asked to show them when you are crossing the border.


Kuwait and Mauritius are two different countries located in two different parts of the world. Mauritius is an island country located in the Indian Ocean, while Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country located on the Persian Gulf.

Given these two different locations, there are a few different ways to call Kuwait from Mauritius. The most direct way is to use a phone calling card. There are a few different companies that offer calling cards to Kuwait, and most of these cards offer competitive rates.

Another way to call Kuwait from Mauritius is to use a VoIP service. There are a few different VoIP providers that offer service to Kuwait, and most of these providers offer competitive rates.

Finally, if you have a smartphone, you can also use an app to make calls to Kuwait. There are a few different apps that offer service to Kuwait, and most of these apps offer competitive rates.


How does geography affect the economy of Kuwait?

Kuwait is a small, oil-rich country on the Persian Gulf. It has a small population and a young demographic. The country’s economy is dominated by the oil and gas industry. Kuwait has the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves and is the world’s fifth-largest producer of oil. The country’s economy is also supported by its large financial sector. Kuwait is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a regional economic bloc.

Geography has a significant impact on the Kuwaiti economyKuwait is a small country with a limited amount of resourcesThe country is located in a strategic location in the Middle East, which has allowed it to become a major oil producerThe oil industry is the main driver of the Kuwaiti economy and accounts for more than 90% of the country’s exports.

What are the major industries in Kuwait?

The major industries in Kuwait include oil production, refining, and exporting, as well as banking and finance.

What are the challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy?

The challenges facing the Kuwaiti economy include the volatility of oil prices, the need to diversify the economy, and the impact of the global recession.

How is the Kuwaiti economy expected to perform in the future?

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