How to call Kiribati from Tunisia

The process for making a phone call from Tunisia to Kiribati is relatively simple. However, there are a few things that you need to know in order to make the call correctly. The first step is to dial the international access code for Tunisia, which is 00. Next, dial the country code for Kiribati, which is 686. Finally, dial the phone number in Kiribati.

Guide for Calling Kiribati from Tunisia

To call Kiribati from Tunisia, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

00 + 686 + Local Number

The country code for Kiribati is 686.

Area Codes Code by Location





Calling Kiribati from Tunisia using Landline

prior to making your call

When calling from Tunisia to Kiribati, you will need to dial the international exit code for Tunisia, which is +216, followed by the country code for Kiribati, which is +686. After dialing these numbers, you will then need to dial the local telephone number for the destination you are calling.

Calling Kiribati from Tunisia using Mobile

1. Kiribati is an island country in the central Pacific Ocean.
2. Tunisia is a North African country.
3. Kiribati and Tunisia are both very different countries with different cultures.
4. When calling someone in Kiribati from Tunisia, you should be aware of the time difference and the cost of the call.
5. You should also be aware that calls may be blocked or restricted, depending on your location.
6. Before making a call, make sure you have the correct phone number and that you are using the correct calling card or service.
7. When making a call, be sure to speak clearly and slowly.
8. Remember to take into account the cost of the call and any other charges that may apply.
9. Be sure to thank the person you are speaking to when the call is finished.


The best way to call Kiribati from Tunisia is to use a VoIP service like Skype. You can also use the calling card service offered by several providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kiribati’s official language?

There is no official language in Kiribati. English and Gilbertese are both official languages.

What is Kiribati’s currency?

The currency of Kiribati is the Australian dollar.

What is Kiribati’s population?

The population of Kiribati is about 106,000.

What is Kiribati’s climate?

Kiribati’s climate is tropical with a wet season from November to April.

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