How to call Haiti from Belgium

Haiti is a country located in the Caribbean Sea. It is an island country, and is the most populous country in the Caribbean region. The country is bordered by the Dominican Republic to the east, and by Cuba to the west. Haiti is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

To call Haiti from Belgium, you will need to dial 00, then 1, then the phone number. The country code for Haiti is 1.

Esstential Info for Calling Haiti from Belgium

for the two countries

Exit Code

Exit codes are used to indicate the telephone country code of the destination country. For Haiti, the exit code is 00. For Belgium, the exit code is 00.

Country Code

Country codes are used to indicate the telephone country code of the destination country. For Haiti, the country code is 509. For Belgium, the country code is 32.

Area Code

Area codes are used to indicate the specific area in a country. For Haiti, the area code is 10. For Belgium, the area code is 10.

Local Time

Local time indicates the time difference between the destination country and the originating country. For Haiti, the local time is UTC-05:00. For Belgium, the local time is UTC+01:00.

Area Codes Code by Location


Belgium: 321
Belgium: 322
Belgium: 323
Belgium: 324
Belgium: 325
Belgium: 326
Belgium: 327
Belgium: 328
Belgium: 329
Belgium: 330
Belgium: 331
Belgium: 332
Belgium: 333
Belgium: 334
Belgium: 335
Belgium: 336
Belgium: 337
Belgium: 338
Belgium: 339
Belgium: 340
Belgium: 341
Belgium: 342
Belgium: 343
Belgium: 344
Belgium: 345
Belgium: 346
Belgium: 347
Belgium: 348
Belgium: 349
Belgium: 350
Belgium: 351
Belgium: 352
Belgium: 353
Belgium: 354
Belgium: 355
Belgium: 356
Belgium: 357
Belgium: 358
Belgium: 359
Belgium: 360
Belgium: 361
Belgium: 362
Belgium: 363
Belgium: 364
Belgium: 365
Belgium: 366
Belgium: 367
Belgium: 368
Belgium: 369
Belgium: 370
Belgium: 371
Belgium: 372
Belgium: 373
Belgium: 374
Belgium: 375
Belgium: 376
Belgium: 377
Belgium: 378
Belgium: 379
Belgium: 380
Belgium: 381
Belgium: 382
Belgium: 383
Belgium: 384
Belgium: 385
Belgium: 386
Belgium: 387
Belgium: 388
Belgium: 389
Belgium: 390
Belgium: 391
Belgium: 392
Belgium: 393
Belgium: 394
Belgium: 395
Belgium: 396
Belgium: 397
Belgium: 398
Belgium: 399

Calling Haiti from Belgium using Landline

When calling Haiti from Belgium, it is important to have all the relevant information available. The country code for Haiti is 509, and the area code for the capital city, Port-au-Prince, is 2. To call a number in Haiti, dial 00509 2 followed by the seven-digit phone number.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making a call to Haiti from Belgium. For one, callers should expect a relatively high phone rate, as Haiti is not a developed country. Additionally, Haiti experiences frequent power outages, so it is important to have a backup plan in case the call is cut off. Finally, because of the country’s mountainous terrain, some areas can be difficult to reach.

Calling Haiti from Belgium using Mobile

When you are in Haiti, you can use your mobile phone to call people in Belgium. The rates for calls to Belgium are expensive, but there are ways to make them more affordable. You can purchase a prepaid calling card, or use a service like Skype. If you have a data plan, you can also use your mobile phone to call people in Belgium.


There are a few ways to call Haiti from Belgium. The easiest way is to use a calling card. You can also use Skype or a VoIP service.


What factors led to Haiti’s independence from Belgium?

The Haitian Revolution began in 1791, and ended in 1804 with Haiti’s independence from France. The Revolution was led by Toussaint Louverture, a former slave who became a general in the Haitian army.

What are some similarities and differences between Haiti and Belgium?

Both Haiti and Belgium are small, mountainous countries in the Caribbean and Europe, respectively. The two countries share some similarities in their histories, including colonization by France and Belgium. Haiti is a much poorer country than Belgium, with a much higher population density. Haiti is also much more diverse ethnically, while the majority of Belgians are of Dutch descent.

How has Haiti’s relationship with Belgium changed over time?

Haiti’s relationship with Belgium has changed over time from being a colony to being a democracy.

What is Belgium’s involvement in Haiti today?

Belgium has been involved in Haiti since the early 1800s when it sent troops to help free slaves. Today, Belgium is involved in Haiti through the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

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