How to call Guernsey from Kuwait

Kuwait is a Middle Eastern country located on the Persian Gulf. Guernsey is a British island located in the English Channel. The two countries are over 4,000 miles apart. To call Guernsey from Kuwait, you will need to dial 00 followed by 44, then the eight-digit telephone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Guernsey from Kuwait


Exit code: The exit code is the code used to dial out of a country. For Kuwait, it is 00.
For Guernsey, the exit code is 00.

Country code: The country code is the code for the country you are dialing into. For Kuwait, it is 965.
For Guernsey, the country code is 44.

Area code: The area code is the code for the area you are dialing into. For Kuwait, it is not required.
For Guernsey, the area code is not required.

Local time: The local time is the time in the country you are dialing into. For Kuwait, it is currently 6:14 PM.
For Guernsey, it is currently 7:14 PM.

Area Codes Code by Location

Guernsey, 00
Guernsey, 01
Guernsey, 02
Guernsey, 03
Guernsey, 04
Guernsey, 05
Guernsey, 06
Guernsey, 07
Guernsey, 08
Guernsey, 09
Guernsey, 10
Guernsey, 11
Guernsey, 12
Guernsey, 13
Guernsey, 14
Guernsey, 15
Guernsey, 16
Guernsey, 17
Guernsey, 18
Guernsey, 19
Guernsey, 20
Guernsey, 21
Guernsey, 22
Guernsey, 23
Guernsey, 24
Guernsey, 25
Guernsey, 26
Guernsey, 27
Guernsey, 28
Guernsey, 29
Guernsey, 30
Guernsey, 31
Guernsey, 32
Guernsey, 33
Guernsey, 34
Guernsey, 35
Guernsey, 36
Guernsey, 37
Guernsey, 38
Guernsey, 39
Guernsey, 40
Guernsey, 41
Guernsey, 42
Guernsey, 43
Guernsey, 44
Guernsey, 45
Guernsey, 46
Guernsey, 47
Guernsey, 48
Guernsey, 49
Guernsey, 50
Guernsey, 51
Guernsey, 52
Guernsey, 53
Guernsey, 54
Guernsey, 55
Guernsey, 56
Guernsey, 57
Guernsey, 58
Guernsey, 59
Guernsey, 60
Guernsey, 61
Guernsey, 62
Guernsey, 63
Guernsey, 64
Guernsey, 65
Guernsey, 66
Guernsey, 67
Guernsey, 68
Guernsey, 69
Guernsey, 70
Guernsey, 71
Guernsey, 72
Guernsey, 73
Guernsey, 74
Guernsey, 75
Guernsey, 76
Guernsey, 77
Guernsey, 78
Guernsey, 79
Guernsey, 80
Guernsey, 81
Guernsey, 82
Guernsey, 83
Guernsey, 84
Guernsey, 85
Guernsey, 86
Guernsey, 87
Guernsey, 88
Guernsey, 89
Guernsey, 90
Guernsey, 91
Guernsey, 92
Guernsey, 93
Guernsey, 94
Guernsey, 95
Guernsey, 96
Guernsey, 97
Guernsey, 98
Guernsey, 99

Calling Guernsey from Kuwait using Landline

There are a few important things to remember when calling from Kuwait to Guernsey. First, you will need to use the international country code for Kuwait, which is 965. Next, you will need to dial the country code for Guernsey, which is 44. Finally, you will need to dial the phone number for the person or business you are trying to reach in Guernsey.

Calling Guernsey from Kuwait using Mobile

There are a few things to consider when making a call from Kuwait to Guernsey. The first is that you will need to find a service that offers calling to Guernsey. Many plans offer calling to a wide range of countries, but you will need to check specifically to see if Guernsey is included. There are also a few things to consider when making the call. The time difference between Kuwait and Guernsey is six hours, so be sure to take that into account when making your call. The calling rates will also vary depending on the service you use, so be sure to do your research and find the best deal for you.


The process for calling Guernsey from Kuwait is relatively simple. To make a call, the caller needs to dial 00 followed by the country code for Guernsey (44) and the phone number. Calls to Guernsey from Kuwait are charged at a rate of €0.19 per minute.


What are the similarities between Guernsey and Kuwait?

Both Guernsey and Kuwait are island nations. They are both members of the British Commonwealth. They are both oil-rich nations.

What are the differences between Guernsey and Kuwait?

The two places have different cultures, as well as different legal systems. Guernsey is a British Crown dependency, while Kuwait is an Arab country. Guernsey has a parliamentary system of government, while Kuwait has a constitutional monarchy. Guernsey has a common law legal system, while Kuwait has a Sharia legal system.

How have Guernsey and Kuwait been affected by their location?

Guernsey is a British Crown dependency located in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, France. It has a population of approximately 63,000 and an area of 71 square miles. The island has a temperate climate and is relatively flat. The main industries are financial services and tourism.

Kuwait is a small Arab country located in the Persian Gulf. It has a population of approximately 4.2 million and an area of 17,820 square miles. The country has a hot desert climate and is mostly flat. The main industries are oil production and refining, financial services, and tourism.

What challenges do Guernsey and Kuwait face in the future?

The challenges that Guernsey and Kuwait face in the future are similar in some ways, but different in others. Both countries need to find ways to diversify their economies and create jobs for their citizens. They also need to find ways to protect their environments and preserve their natural resources. Guernsey and Kuwait also face the challenge of terrorism, and need to find ways to keep their citizens safe from harm.

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