How to call Guam from Lebanon

Guam is an island in the western Pacific Ocean and is a territory of the United States. The country code for Guam is 1-671. To call Guam from Lebanon, you would dial 011-671-xxx-xxxx.

Esstential Info for Calling Guam from Lebanon


How to call Guam from Lebanon

To call Guam from Lebanon, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

0011 + 1 + 671 + Local Number

The exit code 0011 should be dialed first, followed by the country code 1 for United States, then the area code 671 for Guam, and finally the local number.

Area Codes Code by Location





Calling Guam from Lebanon using Landline

When calling from Lebanon to Guam, you will need to dial the international access code of “011”, the country code of “1” for Guam, and the local phone number.

Calling Guam from Lebanon using Mobile

There are a few things to keep in mind when making calls to or from Guam. First, calls to Guam are typically expensive, so be sure to compare rates before making a call. Additionally, while there are a number of mobile providers in Guam, not all of them operate in Lebanon, so be sure to check availability before making a call. Finally, keep in mind that the time difference between Guam and Lebanon can vary, so be sure to check the time difference before making a call.


In order to call Guam from Lebanon, the caller must first dial 011, the international access code. Next, they must dial 1, the country code for Guam. After that, they must dial the area code for Guam, and then the phone number.


What is the history of Guam?

The Chamorros, the indigenous people of Guam, first populated the island about 4,000 years ago. The island was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521, and remained under Spanish rule until 1898, when it was ceded to the United States following the Spanish-American War. Guam was occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and was not liberated until 1944. The United States has retained control of the island since then.

Guam was first inhabited by the Chamorro people approximately 4,000 years agoThe island was discovered by Europeans in 1521, and it became a Spanish colony in In 1898, Guam was ceded to the United States following the Spanish-American WarThe island has been a U.Sterritory since then.

What is the population of Guam?

The population of Guam is approximately 160,000 people.

What is the climate of Guam?

The climate of Guam is tropical marine.

What is the economy of Guam?

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