How to call Fiji from Kuwait

Kuwait is a country located in Western Asia. The country shares borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The country has a population of 4 million people. The official language of Kuwait is Arabic. The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City.

Fiji is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. The country has a population of 900,000 people. The official languages of Fiji are English and Fijian. The capital of Fiji is Suva.

To call Fiji from Kuwait, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 00 + 679 + the telephone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Fiji from Kuwait


Exit Code
The exit code is the number you dial to exit your country and reach the international dialing code of the country you are dialing into. For Fiji, this is 00. For Kuwait, this is 965.

Country Code
The country code is the two-letter code for the country you are dialing into. For Fiji, this is FJ. For Kuwait, this is KW.

Area Code
The area code is the three-digit code that corresponds to the area you are dialing into. In Fiji, there are no area codes. In Kuwait, the area code is 225.

Local Time
The local time is the time at the destination you are calling. In Fiji, this is UTC+12. In Kuwait, this is UTC+3.

Area Codes Code by Location




Calling Fiji from Kuwait using Landline

-Dial the international access code for your country. This is usually 00, 011, or 012.

-Dial the country code for Fiji, which is 679.

-Dial the local number.

Calling Fiji from Kuwait using Mobile

Fiji is a popular tourist destination, and many people use their mobile devices to stay connected while there. Cellular service is available on all of Fiji’s main islands, with providers including Vodafone, Digicel, and Telecom Fiji. If you are traveling to Fiji, it is best to check with your cellular service provider to see if they offer international roaming in Fiji. If they do not, you may be able to purchase a prepaid SIM card once you arrive in Fiji. Most providers offer prepaid plans that include data, so you will be able to stay connected while you are there.


Kuwait and Fiji share neither a land border nor a maritime border. The only way to get from Kuwait to Fiji is to fly. Fiji is located in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2,000 kilometers northeast of New Zealand. The country is made up of more than 300 islands, of which only about 110 are inhabited. The capital and largest city is Suva.

There are no direct flights between Kuwait and Fiji. However, there are several airlines that fly between the two countries. The flight time is about 10 hours.

There are a few things to keep in mind when travelling to Fiji from Kuwait. The currency used in Fiji is the Fiji dollar. The official language is English, but Fijian is also spoken. The voltage is 240 volts, and the plug type is three-pin. The time difference between Kuwait and Fiji is six hours.


What are the major industries in Fiji?

The major industries in Fiji are tourism, sugar, and fishing.

The major industries in Fiji are tourism, sugar, and fishing.

What is the climate like in Fiji?

The climate in Fiji is tropical with a wet and dry season.

What is the population of Fiji?

The population of Fiji is about 900,000.

What is the currency of Fiji?

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