How to call Equatorial Guinea from Kenya

Equatorial Guinea is located on the west coast of central Africa and is bordered by Gabon to the east, Cameroon to the north, and the Gulf of Guinea to the west. To call Equatorial Guinea from Kenya, you will need to dial the international calling code for Equatorial Guinea, which is +240, followed by the phone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Equatorial Guinea from Kenya


Exit Code

Equatorial Guinea’s exit code is 00.

Kenya’s exit code is 00.

Country Code

Equatorial Guinea’s country code is 240.

Kenya’s country code is 254.

Area Code

Equatorial Guinea’s area code is 7.

Kenya’s area code is 20.

Local Time

Equatorial Guinea’s local time is UTC+01:00.

Kenya’s local time is UTC+03:00.

Area Codes Code by Location

Equatorial Guinea: 00240
Kenya: 00254

Calling Equatorial Guinea from Kenya using Landline

1. Determine the country code for Equatorial Guinea.
2. Dial 00, then the country code for Equatorial Guinea, then the local number.
3. Wait for the other party to answer.
4. Speak as you would to a local in Equatorial Guinea.
5. Hang up when finished.

Calling Equatorial Guinea from Kenya using Mobile

When making a call to Equatorial Guinea from Kenya, it is important to have access to the internet in order to read all the data available online. There are several websites that offer information on the best way to make the call, as well as the current time in Equatorial Guinea. It is also important to have the country code for Equatorial Guinea (240) and the area code for the city you are calling.


Equatorial Guinea is a small country located in Central Africa. To call Equatorial Guinea from Kenya, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 00-240- country code- telephone number.


What is the climate like in Equatorial Guinea?

The climate in Equatorial Guinea is hot and humid.

What is the population of Equatorial Guinea?

1.2 million

What is the GDP of Equatorial Guinea?

The GDP of Equatorial Guinea is $14.5 billion.

What languages are spoken in Equatorial Guinea?

Spanish and Portuguese are spoken in Equatorial Guinea.

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