How to call Dominica from Bahamas

There are several ways to make a call from the Bahamas to Dominica. One way is to use a calling card. There are several different types of calling cards, so it is important to find one that is best for the caller. Some cards offer lower rates to certain countries, while others offer lower rates for calls made during certain times of the day. It is also important to check the expiration date of the card, to make sure it will be valid when the call is made.
Another way to make a call to Dominica from the Bahamas is to use a prepaid phone card. These cards are also available at a variety of stores, and they offer lower rates than traditional phone cards. They also do not require the caller to have a long-distance plan with their phone company.
A third way to make a call to Dominica is to use a cell phone. There are several cell phone companies that offer service in both the Bahamas and Dominica, and the rates vary depending on the company. It is important to check with the cell phone company to find out what the rates will be for the call.
Finally, the caller can also use Skype to make the call. Skype is a software that allows users to make calls over the Internet for free. The caller will need to have a computer with a microphone and speakers, as well as an Internet connection.

Esstential Info for Calling Dominica from Bahamas


Exit Code

To call Dominica from Bahamas, the Exit Code is +1 767.

Country Code

The country code for Dominica is +1.

Area Code

The area code for Dominica is 767.

Local Time

Dominica is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone. The time zone offset is UTC-4 hours.

Area Codes Code by Location

242- Dominica
242- Bahamas

Calling Dominica from Bahamas using Landline

Dominica is a Commonwealth country located in the eastern Caribbean Sea, about halfway between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago. The island is 27 miles (43 km) long and 15 miles (24 km) wide.

The population is approximately 73,000, of whom approximately 21,000 live in the capital, Roseau. English is the official language, but a French patois is also spoken.

The currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$).

The electrical voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hertz.

The country code for Dominica is 1-767.

The area code for Roseau is 767.

To call Dominica from the Bahamas, dial 011 (the international access code), 1 (the country code for Dominica), 767 (the area code for Roseau), and the local number.

Calling Dominica from Bahamas using Mobile

For the best rates when calling Dominica from the Bahamas, use a mobile phone. Check with your service provider to see what their rates are for calling Caribbean countries. You may be able to get a plan that includes calling to Dominica and other Caribbean countries for a lower price than making calls to other countries. If you don’t have a plan that includes calling to the Caribbean, you can still call Dominica by using a calling card. Look for a card that has good rates for calling the Caribbean.


Dominica can be reached from the Bahamas by dialing 011-767- followed by the eight-digit telephone number. There is no charge for calls between the two countries.


What is the climate like in Dominica?

The climate in Dominica is hot and humid.

The climate in Dominica is tropical, with a rainy season from June to November.

What is the population of Dominica?

The population of Dominica is 73,000.

What is the currency of Dominica?

The currency of Dominica is the East Caribbean dollar.

What is the language spoken in Dominica?

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