How to call Costa Rica from Macau

Costa Rica is a Central American country that is known for its lush rainforests, volcanoes and coffee plantations. It shares borders with Panama to the southeast and Nicaragua to the north. If you’re in Macau and would like to call someone in Costa Rica, the process is simple.

First, you’ll need to find the Costa Rican country code. This is 506. Next, you’ll need to dial 011, the international access code. Then, dial the Costa Rican country code and the phone number. So, it would look like this: 011 506 XX XX XX XX.

If you’re calling a mobile phone in Costa Rica, you’ll need to dial 00 instead of 011. And, if the person you’re calling is using a landline, you don’t need to include the 0 at the beginning of the phone number.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with a lot to offer tourists and expats. With this guide, you’ll be able to call them easily and chat with your friends and family in Spanish!

Guide for Calling Costa Rica from Macau

To call Costa Rica from Macau, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers:


00 + 506 +

Area Codes Code by Location

Costa Rica

Calling Costa Rica from Macau using Landline


When dialing Costa Rica from Macau, the caller should first consult all relevant online resources in order to obtain the correct phone number format and country code. After gathering this information, the caller should then dial 011 (the international prefix) followed by the Costa Rica country code of 506, and then the phone number.

Calling Costa Rica from Macau using Mobile

There is no need to purchase a Costa Rican SIM card if you have an unlocked mobile phone. Your best bet for making calls while in Costa Rica is to purchase a prepaid SIM card from one of the local telcos. The three major providers are Movistar, Claro, and T-Mobile. Rates start at around $2 USD for a 30-day prepaid card with a few minutes of talk time.


Calling Costa Rica from Macau is possible, but the process is a bit more complicated than calling a domestic phone number. You will need to use an international calling service to place the call. First, dial the international access code for Macau (00), then the country code for Costa Rica (506), and finally the phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?

The best time to visit Costa Rica is typically in the dry season, which runs from December to April.

What is the currency of Costa Rica?

The currency of Costa Rica is the Costa Rican colón.

What is the Costa Rican flag made of?

The Costa Rican flag is made of three horizontal bands of blue, white, and blue with the coat of arms in the center.

What is the population of Costa Rica?

The population of Costa Rica is about 4.8 million.

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