How to call Bermuda from Norway

Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is located about 1,000 kilometers east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and 1,600 kilometers south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bermuda has a population of about 65,000 people and an area of 53 square kilometers. The official language of Bermuda is English.

The country code for Bermuda is +1-441. To call Bermuda from Norway, dial +1-441 followed by the phone number.

Esstential Info for Calling Bermuda from Norway


Exit Code

The exit code is the number you dial to get out of the country you’re in and reach the country you’re calling. For Bermuda, the exit code is 011, and for Norway, it’s 00.

Country Code

The country code is the number you dial to reach a specific country. For Bermuda, the country code is 441, and for Norway, it’s 47.

Area Code

The area code is the number you dial within a specific country to reach a specific city or town. For Bermuda, the area code is (441), and for Norway, it’s (00).

Local Time

The local time is the time zone you’re in. For Bermuda, it’s Atlantic Standard Time (AST), and for Norway, it’s Central European Time (CET).

Area Codes Code by Location

Bermuda: 441
Norway: 47

Calling Bermuda from Norway using Landline

When dialing from Bermuda to Norway, the telephone system will require you to dial the international access code followed by the country code for Norway (47), and then the telephone number.

The international access code for Bermuda is +1473, so to dial a number in Norway from Bermuda, you would dial: +1473 47 ___________.

Calling Bermuda from Norway using Mobile

There is no charge for calls to Bermuda from Norway, however, you will need to have a data plan that includes roaming in order to use your mobile phone in Bermuda. Coverage is good in most areas, but you may experience some inconsistency in rural locations.


There are a few options for calling Bermuda from Norway. The most affordable option is to use a calling card. There are a few different providers of calling cards, and the rates vary. The other option is to use Skype. Skype rates are also variable, but tend to be more expensive than calling cards.



What is the climate like in Bermuda?

Bermuda has a subtropical climate, with hot and humid summers and mild winters.

What is the population of Bermuda?

The population of Bermuda is about 65,000.

What is the currency of Bermuda?

The currency of Bermuda is the Bermudian dollar.

What is the official language of Bermuda?

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