How to call Armenia from Singapore

Armenia and Singapore have enjoyed friendly diplomatic relations since 1992. In this time, both countries have benefited from strong economic ties. The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Singapore was opened in 1996.

There are a few ways to call Armenia from Singapore. You can use a calling card, which can be purchased from most convenience stores or supermarkets. Dial the access number, then the country code for Armenia (374), followed by the number you are trying to reach.

Another option is to use a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service. This involves downloading an app and making calls through your internet connection. Prices vary, but are generally cheaper than calling cards.

The final option is to use a mobile phone. If you are travelling in Armenia, you can buy a local SIM card and use your phone’s roaming service. Rates will vary depending on your provider, but will be cheaper than calling from your home country.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you have the correct country code for Armenia.

Esstential Info for Calling Armenia from Singapore

Exit Code

The exit code is the code you dial to exit your country and reach the country you are trying to call. For Armenia, this is 00. For Singapore, this is 00.

Country Code

The country code is the code you dial to reach a particular country. For Armenia, this is 374. For Singapore, this is 65.

Area Code

The area code is the code you dial to reach a particular city or region within a country. For Armenia, this is 10. For Singapore, this is 3.

Local Time

The local time is the time zone you are in. For Armenia, this is +4:00. For Singapore, this is +8:00.

Area Codes Code by Location

Armenia, Singapore

Calling Armenia from Singapore using Landline

To call Armenia from Singapore, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

Country Code: 374
Area Code: 10
Local Number

Calling Armenia from Singapore using Mobile

There is no need to purchase an international calling plan when travelling to Armenia as your mobile phone will work as it does at home. However, charges may apply for calls, texts and data usage, so it is best to check with your service provider before you leave. Major service providers in Armenia include Beeline, VivaCell-MTS and Orange.


Armenia and Singapore are countries located on different continents, with a different language and culture. Despite this, there are several ways to call Armenia from Singapore. The most common way is to use a calling card. There are several websites that sell calling cards to Armenia, and the rates vary depending on the card. The other way to call Armenia is to use an online service such as Skype. Skype allows users to make calls to other Skype users for free, or to call phones for a fee.


What is the culture like in Armenia?

The culture in Armenia is rich and diverse. It is heavily influenced by its history, which is evident in the many ancient ruins and monuments that can be found throughout the country. Armenian culture is also known for its music, art, and food.

The culture in Armenia is very diverseThere are many different religions and ethnic groups that live in the countryThe culture is very traditional and people are very friendly and hospitable.

What is the food like in Armenia?

The food in Armenia is very diverseThere are many different types of food that are popular in the countryThe food is usually very hearty and includes a lot of meat and vegetables.

What is the weather like in Armenia?

The weather in Armenia is very diverseThe temperatures can range from very hot in the summer to very cold in the winterThe country is also very mountainous and there are a lot of different types of weather that can be experienced in different parts of the country.

What is the cost of living in Armenia?

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