How to call Albania from Angola

To call Albania from Angola, you will need to dial the international calling code for Albania, which is +355, followed by the phone number in Albania you are trying to reach, minus the leading zero. So, to call a phone number in Albania from Angola, you would dial +355-22-123-4567.

Esstential Info for Calling Albania from Angola


Exit Code

The exit code is the code you dial to exit your country and reach the country you are calling. For both countries, this is 00.

Country Code

The country code is the code for the country you are calling. For Albania, this is 355. For Angola, this is 244.

Area Code

The area code is the code for the specific area you are calling in the country. For Albania, this is 28. For Angola, this is 9.

Local Time

The local time is the time zone you are in and the time zone for the country you are calling. For Albania, this is UTC+01:00. For Angola, this is UTC+01:00.

Area Codes Code by Location

Albania: 355
Angola: 244, 244, 244, 244

Calling Albania from Angola using Landline

To call Albania from Angola, the best way is to use a landline. Dial the exit code for Angola (00), then dial the country code for Albania (355), then the phone number.

Calling Albania from Angola using Mobile

There are a few things to consider when making calls to or from Albania. First, make sure your device is unlocked and compatible with Albanian SIM cards. You can purchase a prepaid Albanian SIM card once you arrive in the country. Albanian SIM cards are available at most convenience stores and kiosks. To make a call, dial the international access code, followed by the country code for Albania, then the number. For example, to call a Albanian number from the United States, you would dial 011-355-XXXX-XXXX. Alternatively, you can use a calling card or an online service to make calls to Albania.


The best way to call Albania from Angola is to use the 00355 country code. You can then dial the Albania number you want to reach.


What is the relationship between Albania and Angola?

There is no specific relationship between Albania and Angola.

There is no clear relationship between Albania and AngolaHowever, both countries are considered to be underdeveloped, and they share some similarities in terms of their political and economic systems.

What is the history of Albania?

The history of Albania is relatively short, and the country has only been independent since Prior to that, Albania was part of the Soviet Union.

What is the history of Angola?

Angola has a much longer history than Albania, and it was once a Portuguese colonyAfter gaining independence in 1975, Angola has experienced a great deal of political instability.

What are the major industries in Albania?

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